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How to Improve English Language in Short Duration 1 year ago

There is the craze among the youngsters to learn and improve English Language these days. Everybody wants to learn this wonderful language for various purposes. Some wants to get jobs. There are others who wish to influence people with their fluency in English Language.

But they also know that it is not very easy to learn this language. This language takes time to become as natural to a person as possible. But here we shall tell you some sure steps following which you shall be able to learn in short span of time.For that you need to show punctuality.

Steps to improve English in Short duration of time -

Make some strict time table -

For learning English language, you need to have time table. You are expected to work on the basis of this time table. The time table must include all the aspects of English Language learning. These four aspects are - Listening/ Speaking/ Reading and Writing. Make sure that you are undergoing all these aspects regularly. Start with listening and give it a fifteen minutes time on regular basis. Listen standard pronunciation from BBC/ English Movies.

Speaking of English -

Speaking must come after listening. So have confidence in you. Sometimes due to lack in confidence, the candidates are not able to speak English. But make it a habit to speak and give your opinion in English language when you get the opportunity.

Reading for another 15 minutes a day -

Reading shall enhance your vocabulary. With the rich vocabulary, you shall be able to express yourself in a better way. The more you read, the better shall be the vocabulary.

Writing -

Writing is must as it will certainly make you perfect. Write what you feel to write. If you give equal time even fifteen minutes each to these four aspects, you will certainly learn English very fast. Believe in yourself and your resources. For Learning English and English related content you can visit this [website.] or you can click here for this purpose.